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Why ExO Speakers in 2020?

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The speaking industry is evolving before our eyes. We are positioned to lead the evolution by offering solutions for our current digital world. We know access to the thought leaders is crucial right now. Our priority is to make our speakers accessible both digitally and financially. This curated community of experts has bypassed linear thinking and implemented programs that bring about rapid, positive changes at work, in cities, and in our interpersonal relationships.

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Understanding Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP)
In the simplest sense, an MTP is a “highly aspirational tagline” for an individual or group, like a company, organization, community, or social movement. It’s a huge and audacious purpose statement.

You’re either disrupting, or being disrupted.

As the saying goes “you’re either disrupting or being disrupted”, -- and that has never been truer than it is today. Let us help you get connected to the right speakers.