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Each ExO Speaker has a strikingly different view of the world; one where exponential thinking moves organizations, institutions and people towards abundance rather than scarcity. Hundreds of global corporations, governments and startups have adapted Exponential Organizations’ strategies for harnessing the power of disruptive thinking to leapfrog the status quo and be the disruptor, not the disrupted.  We are happy to partner with you and brainstorm how to support your organization’s needs – live or virtual. Talk to us If your organization needs a shot of inspiration, has been stagnating or if new ideas are squelched before they can be discussed.

Understanding Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP)
In the simplest sense, an MTP is a “highly aspirational tagline” for an individual or group, like a company, organization, community, or social movement. It’s a huge and audacious purpose statement.

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Andrew Hessel

Engineering life to meet the needs of humanity and reach a new equilibrium with nature.

Brad Templeton

To improve cities, life and travel with AI, Robotics and new Mobility

Daniel Kraft

To reimagine and reshape health and medicine to be continuous, personalized and proactive.

Diane Francis

To comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.

Divya Chander

To enable more brain, mind, body connections in the service of spirit and growth.

Emilie Sydney-Smith

Maximize the net benefit of technology to global business and society

Francisco Milagres

A trusted advisor for a digital and abundant future

Frank Fitzpatrick

To empower purpose-driven thought leaders with the knowledge and resources to actualize their highest potential and find calm in the midst of chaos.

Germán Montoya

Make Latin America a beacon of well being.

Jaroslav Dokoupil

Creating a future of beneficial abundance.

Jerry Michalski

Reconnecting Humans

Jim Harris

Jonathan Brill

To focus the world on resilient growth.

Kent Langley

Empower People with Technology

Kian Gohar

Marc Goodman

Nabyl Charania

Create incorruptible prosperity and abundant ecosystems for all across the universe.

Natasha Tsakos

Inspire Exponential Creativity for Extraordinary Outcomes

Neil Jacobstein

Nicole Dreiske

Innovate exponential learning

Pascal Finette

Empowering leaders to build a radically different future.

Pedro López Sela

Empowering Leaders to Thrive for a Better World

Ramez Naam

Accelerate the transition to a clean, prosperous world.

Raymond McCauley

To do for science what Disney did for cartoons.

Rodrigo Arboleda

Consolidating Democracy Through Technology and Education.

Salim Ismail

Global transformation.

Sasha Grujicic

To work with people who are in search of significance in the world.

Scott Summit

Simone Ahuja

Democratizing innovation.

Soul Patel

To help every human being achieve their full potential.

Tariq Qureishy

Making a difference.

Yvonne Cagle

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