Saskia de Winter

CEO and Founder of Saskia de Winter Training
COO and Founder of EUNOIA (first animation school in Latin-America)
Distinguished Graduate in Creative Leadership and Facilitation for Innovation from the International Center for Studies in Creativity of Buffalo State University.
Former Mentor for 30 Forbes Promises for México
Former Fellow for Victoria 147
Former Scholar of Weizmann Institute of Science
MTP: Until consciousness delivers results.
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Saskia is a corporate consultant focused on transforming human behavior within large companies. She has more than 20 years of experience working for several companies, to help guide them towards obtaining exponential results, by means of working with their emotions, unresolved issues, and communication abilities and/or shortcomings, as a means to clear the path towards visualizing the best version of themselves, and providing them with clear, measurable tools to get there.

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Saskia is certified as a consultant in five different countries (Mexico, United States, England, Scotland and Israel), in international methodologies related to negotiation, innovation, business, and human behavior, such as Exponential Organizations, Birkman Methodology, Freshbiz ®, among others; and continues to invest more than $10,000 USD and more than 500 hours per year, in upgrading her skills and abilities.

Through her stunning talks, as well as, one-on-one and/or group trainings, she shares, in a practical and effective manner, the knowledge and experience that she has obtained and transmitted as a high-level corporate consultant for more than 150 companies from diverse industries, on the subjects of behavioral transformation in human development, innovation, high-risk negotiation, productivity, sales and results.

Saskia has been the High Stakes Negotiations coach for Growth Institute, having participated in various events contributing with original content and has also studied with Salim Ismail on the Exponential Organizations course.

Likewise, she has supported CEO´s of Expansion 500 (similar to Fortune 500, but for Latam) and high-impact companies; she speaks five languages: Spanish, English, French, German, and some Italian, and has a Master’s in Business Dynamics, serving currently as a coach for this program, for CEO’s in the US and worldwide.

Finally, she is a certified consultant for OpenExO, and applies the EXO model to facilitate the exponential growth of her own company, SWT (Saskia de Winter Training), using a disruptive business model to grow in a massive and efficient way, just like Uber, Amazon, and Airbnb, and has written two books, the most recent one: “Uncertainty Generates Abundance,” and previously, “Square minded.” Likewise, she has co-written three more books: “Playful Tongue,” “Palindrome Mischief” and “Short stories to read under the shower.”

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Uncertainty creates abundance

The concept of uncertainty usually creates aversion, tension, or anxiety among people. As children, we are much better at handling a change of plans, but as adults, we tend to opt for certainty and reliable processes as a means to be precise in any forecast. 

Unfortunately, this is almost impossible because we will always have to deal with uncertainty; the faster, the better.

The conference focuses on three main points:

(i) Why living under uncertainty can be of great value

(ii) What are the four main secrets to be able to take advantage of uncertainty

(iii) Certainty is a comfort zone and probably the biggest obstacle for growth.

Leadership through results

The talk focuses on precise strategies and changes in both the team and individual’s mindset for them to develop and encourage assuming a commitment and responsibilities with their teams to achieve measurable exponential results.

Psychology of sales

Focused on enabling the understanding of subtle behavior patterns that can either make or break a sale.

Breaking limiting paradigms

Works with creating better opportunities by means of understanding unconscious patterns of behavior.

High stakes negotiations

How to become a better negotiator by avoiding self-sabotage and stop leaving money on the table.

Leveraging results by understanding emotions and stress behaviors

Stress behaviors appear when our needs are not properly fulfilled and hamper productivity. Become highly productive in spite of stress.


There is a before and after in the company due to integration, communication, aligning our objectives, and understanding of who we are as a company. Our company quintupled its sales. We broke sales records during the pandemic!”

- Hector Bustamante, CEO BRG

“Learning alongside Saskia, by means of different training sessions during recent years, with multiple teams that I have led, has driven me to apply a formula that might be easy to understand but much harder to implement. It’s pointless for me to be ‘able to respond,’ responsibility if I don’t ‘hold true to my word, and commitment. I can’t ‘have faith, which implies trust, is a member of my team if, although they consider themselves to be responsible, they fail to hold true to their word and there is no commitment. Understanding the difference between those concepts has enabled me to communicate effectively with the multiple teams I work with.”

- Armando Mora, Global Account Director Ipsos

“Saskia de Winter is not only the most trained person I know, but also, through her personal growth, she has developed the ability to convey highly complex concepts, in an easy, digestible way, wrapped in that amazing sense of humor that characterizes her.”

- Monica Peraza, CEO The Hispanic Alliance, Austin, Texas

“There is a before and after in the life of the people and companies that have dared to change their team’s environment and, overall, their lives, with Saskia. I know it works, because I’ve seen the results in my business. It’s amazing how she does it!”

- Emilio Penhos Mougrabi, CEO of Originals Shyla

“What Saskia shares is not static, it is dynamic. Bravo, Saskia! You truly care about people, your country and the world.”

- Lance M. Giraux, Founder, Allied Ronin Leadership Training & Consulting Administrator & Training/Certification Representative, The Samurai Game

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