Eric Patel

Chief Innovation Officer at BostonExO
Co-Creator The White Rabbit Space
Co-Founder Exponential Individuals (ExI)
Project Coordinator OpenExO
MTP: Global personal excellence empowerment
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Eric Patel serves as Co-Founder at Exponential Individuals, a group of global leaders, authors and human transformation enthusiasts focused on assisting people across the globe evolve their way of being into one that encourages individual authenticity, community collaboration, care, deep healing and a sense of interconnected responsibility to create a better future for all.

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Eric founded innovation initiatives at Staples, Perkin Elmer and Binx Health. He is a Project Coordinator for OpenExO, a member of the OpenExO Economy Core and Treasury Teams, and serves on the board of SUEGO Entrepreneur Support Organization (ESO) and X-Ponential. Eric serves as a coach/mentor for Company Builder TransferenciAP, the CYCLES Remote Innovation Management Certification Program, the MIT COVID-19 Challenge and the Humanitarian Innovation Hackathon. He also is a presenter with ExO Speakers, published at ExO Insight and a mentor with the Tech Incubator at Queens College.

Eric thrives as an entrepreneur, speaker, writer and philanthropist. He contributed to the Purpose Launchpad, serves as an advisor and organizer for Purpose Alliance Challenges and as a Purpose Launchpad Mentor for Purpose Evolver. Eric is also Chief Innovation Officer at BostonExO, an ambassador for OpenExO, Purpose Alliance, Rutanio and Unit Masters, a curator for the upcoming edition of Exponential Organizations, co-creator at White Rabbit Adventures and shared in a 2021 ExO Transformation Award.

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Can ancient wisdom and modern science be fused together with the freedom of choice to achieve one’s full self-expression? How can we tap the infinite possibilities that lie within us to live our best lives? Exponential Individuals (ExI) aggregates ancient wisdom, data science and technology-for-good to create an integrated journey of personal transformation. Find out how you can be an essential contributor to transforming the world for a better future. Unleash your full self-expression of mind, body, heart and soul as a gift to yourself, your family, the communities you serve and the planet.

EXI Sprint

An organization, home, community or country all have the same building blocks, individuals. It is the hearts and minds of these individuals that shape the future. Transforming an organization, home, community or country is about the mindset, heartset and knowledgebase of the people involved. In order to thrive in an exponentially changing world, you must first be aware of this exponential change and second learn how to navigate it. Find out how to transform yourself by going through an Exponential Individuals (ExI) Sprint leveraging the ExI Playbook, an aggregation of ancient wisdom, and modern science to guide you along possible pathways for you to be at your best, moment by moment. Discover how to create an optimized, purposeful life and tap into your full potential in order to drive impact for good and overall fulfillment in your life.

High-Performance Habits In The Workplace (HPHW)
Becoming an Entrepreneur (And Staying In Business)
The ExO Entrepreneur Journey
Unleashing Your Human Potential
Testing Business Ideas
Transforming Yours Organization Through Tribal Leadership


I was first attracted to Eric because of his massively transformative purpose (MTP) “Helping Others Thrive Through Unwavering Loyalty, Selfless Service and Lifelong Friendship’. I was curious who the person was behind this amazing sense of purpose; and I was intentionally seeking a core group of 7 ‘mentors/peers/friends’ that shared similar values and sense of passion and responsibility to create exponential impact/service to community. I “hired” Eric to be a mentor/coach on a weekly check-in. In reciprocity, he “hired” me to be a contributor to the EXI (Exponential Individuals) project and to create podcast/article content. We came together via the OpenExO Community; and connect regularly to support each other and collaborate on impact projects. In my experience, Eric’s purpose is very authentic and I am sure we are well on our way to a lifelong friendship.

- Angela Faye, FuturVille

Eric is a master at innovation. He holds certifications in QA, project management, agile, scrum, ExO and innovation. Eric has an innate ability to absorb new technologies, lead by a “hands-on” participation work effort while concurrently interpreting and implementing complex requirements into the design such as those in start-up companies. He possesses an incredible work ethic, has great communications skills, and is a consummate team player. He is an asset to any organization that he works with and supports. He is a gentleman scholar and doer. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him.

- Laura Rose, Rose Consulting

Since I’ve known Eric, one of his many innate superhuman strengths is to create meaningful relationships. With people and quality relationships being the building blocks and determinant to the success of any business, community or home, this is a winning trait. His passion as a leader is to see others thrive. He is a natural leader, who has been through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and executive roles, can empathize and extend suggestions to improve a situation and is proactive to take action where needed most. As an active listener he serves as a catalyst to get people through the tough times. This takes tenacity, optimism and courage and the people who have come to know him would acknowledge that he exudes the same. It is an immense pleasure to be both a business partner and good friend to Eric and I have no doubt that if one puts their trust in him, they won’t be disappointed. He is a man of his word and loved by many. Stay tuned to the game changing projects coming to life from BostonExO, the Exponential Individual Initiative and the other projects he gives his attention to, all of which are intended to shift the collective for the better.

- Ann Boothello, White Rabbit Adventures, Unit Foundation

Eric’s passion to make a difference in the world is unbelievable. The way he leads us at BostonExO is outstanding. He is the example of a servant and transformational leader. He develops an inspiring vision of the future, motivating people to deliver on this. He acknowledges other people’s perspectives, giving them the support they need, involving them in decision-making processes and building a sense of community with the team members and other stakeholders that result in a strong team culture: boosting people, experimentation and innovation. He is also a super doer with a strong technical and business background. I will always be grateful to Eric for his inspiration, support, positivity, enthusiasm and generosity.

- Paola Hurtado, Universal Diagnostics SL

A compassionate and sensitive leader who delivers great results, Eric knows how to create a safe space for people to ask and answer tough questions required when it comes to exponential transformation. I look forward to further collaborating with Eric in 2021 and beyond and encourage all watching to connect and collaborate with him.

- Jimbo Reverente, Rizal Academy for Innovation and Leadership

Eric Patel is an innovative leader who has embraced OpenExO’s MTP with a passion for collaborating on a number of projects in the community. His vision for cultivating an exponential mindset in the youth through different training programs from BostonExO makes his job a pivotal element to work for a better future.

- Olga Calvache, EscalateGroup

Eric is an exceptional person. I had the luck to meet him in 2020 and share several projects with him. He is an excellent leader and visionary with a lot of energy to do things and most importantly, with a great heart.

- Karina Besprovan, Televisa

Our OpenExO community is being joined by many fantastic people. One of the fastest to adopt the mindset of abundance and begin practicing the methodologies is Eric. He has diligently been seeking to maximize his learning about the opportunities of transforming the world  and he walks the talk.

- Lars Lin Villebeak, SprintHero, Planet Pilots

I met Eric when lockdowns across the globe were first announced. We used to have bi-monthly calls to share our stories, challenges and deepen our bond. I say this because he did this with like-minds he wanted to work and create with. He made the time. And was consistent. When much of the world was caving in, this was a friend who was choosing expansion by continuously growing through knowledge, extending compassion and people. He’s a down-to-earth, tuned-in leader who wants to create a better world with like-minded people. And he’s doing just that through BostonExO and friends.

- Ann Boothello, White Rabbit Adventures, Unit Foundation

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