Jurgis Didžiulis

Transformational Troubadour
Regenerative Recreationist
EU Climate Pact Ambassador
Social & Environmental Activist
Eurovision Laureate
MTP: Upgrading our human OS through musical co-creation.
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Jurgis mixes his passion for music and social phenomenon to connect, activate, and educate on community, organizational culture, values, and engagement.

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He does so professionally for teams and organizations that seek to explore and leverage their social-capital.

He does so altruistically by contributing to social and environmental initiatives, organizations and causes.

He does so artistically for the sake of more purposeful and impactful creative interaction.

His education in Political Science and and Business Administration allow him to explore and play social-engineering, community-building, and organizational culture through the act of “making music together”.

Over the past 7 years, he’s led over to 500 sessions, interactive seminars, and other activities promoting human skills, emotional awareness and community culture. He’s also been involved in countless governmental and private sector projects on a European, national (Lithuanian), and local-community level.

His mixed cultural heritage (Colombian-Lithuanian), and a professional background ranging from Eurovision to EU consultant, allows him to transcend formats and connect with audiences in packed arenas, corporate boardrooms, royal receptions, and kindergartens alike.

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Upgrading Organizational Culture through Musical Play

“Culture” is our collective operating system. Music can teach us how to hack it. With concepts such as “rhythm” and “harmony”, music is an accurate metaphor for a beautifully flowing social unit. However, musical co-creation is also an effective way to invoke, access and experience all the things that make it flow beautifully.

Jurgis has developed a powerfully simple, “edutaining” methodology that is both  “community lab” and “community accelerator”. It reveals how trust, connection, coherence and other “human goodness” that we crave as social beings are also the essence to strong community. More importantly, he facilitates a safe space for experiencing them first hand and reaping the benefits of co-creating a state of exceptional togetherness.

Easily packagable as a speaking slot, a workshop, a group activation or “musical edutainment”. communityflux.com

Leveraging Values for Value

Values are more than something to decorate a wall in your office. They are emotional DNA that can be harnessed for meaningful change or a competitive advantage. “Social” is much more than a liability, responsibility or obligation. It is a potential resource that is often underestimated and misunderstood. Properly understanding “how values work” is the key to accessing an enormous cache of power within each organisation. Video

The science of FUN and driving engagement

“From Spectate to Participate” is a cocktail of live music, powerful ideas, and creative interaction that inverts the role of on an audience and demonstrates the dynamics and rewards of going from ‘safe and passive’ to ‘hands-on and engaged’.

By gently transforming spectators into active-stakeholders, Jurgis inspires us to tap into our own creative nature, and nudges us playfully challenge the rules and roles of social conventions in our lives. Video

Learning Human Connection from Indigenous People

Loneliness and digital fatigue are officially a thing. Employee estrangement and emotional well being is no longer taboo. Jurgis uses music to facilitate a conversation on emotional needs, what creates a sense of connection and belonging and why it matters so. More importantly, music is used as a medium to learn how to exercise the most important muscle of all – the heart.

Post-Sustainability Narratives

The real revolution will be regenerative. There are alternatives for those who feel sustainability is becoming synonymous with changing as little as possible to keep things exactly the same. The freshest, most inspiring proposals for planetary shift aren’t exactly new. From Buckminster Fuller to the ancient wisdom of indigenous elders, regenerative narratives incite us look up, look around, look back and consider the fantastically feasible scenarios of a world that works for 100% of life on earth.


“One of the best participatory music and entertainment shows I’ve ever experienced.”

- Magnus Brannstrom, CEO & President Oriflame

“Jurgis is the closest thing to a musical magician and atmospheric alchemist I’ve ever encountered. He’s in a league of his own with musical co-creation that brings people together on an emotional, social & conscious level. It’s true art in its purest, most joyous form and leaves you with a dopamine hit so high you wonder if you’re tripping!”

- Dan Murray Serter Co-Founder at Heights, Host of Secret Leaders, Writer at Forbes

“Jurgis is truly one of a kind maestro, musician, crowd-engager, inspiring empowerment coach in-disguise. I’ve spent 20 years curating exclusive events with some of the world’s leading talent, and I’ve never seen anyone so effortlessly capture the attention of a room and align disparate focus into a unified frequency and collective movement of joy & celebration.”

- Yarrow Kraner Founder, HATCH & H360.ai

“No one is immune to Jurgis’s participative music; not even EU bureaucrats. High officials and famous faces spontaneously engaged in music and dance in January 2020 at the Berlyamont. It was something unique, fun and colourful. Community Culture Quickie strengthened the feeling of a shared purpose, connection and ownership at the launch of the #EuropeanGreenDeal.”

- Arnoldas Pranckevičius Head of European Commission Representation in Lithuania

“The Quickies for BFI have been immensely activating and valuable during this strange digital era. Jurgis’s mix of participative music balances the rational; it helped activate a different part of our minds and connect to one another. I highly recommend it for events, team-buildings, and generally making the world a more fun and engaging space!”

- Amanda Joy Ravenhill Executive Director of The Buckminster Fuller Institute

“Jurgis brought fun, laughter and joy to our online UPPSTART event. He has the unique gift of getting any audience to participate and engage. Within minutes he had people dancing on their chairs! The Quickie hit the perfect balance of being deep and thought-provoking, but highly entertaining at the same time.”

- Jason Dainter Founder UPPSTART

“Jurgis Did is a present-day magician. His music has magnetism, this rare ability to help you feel one with the people around and tap into your inner self at the same time. His performance at our Transparency School was truly special.“

- Sergejus Muravjovas, CEO, Transparency International Lithuania

“It has been our pleasure to work with Jurgis and his team since the initial meeting. The theme of our event was introduction of new corporate behaviors and Jurgis’ part perfectly blended into overall flow. Jurgis has sincerely interacted with the audience discussing about values, behaviors and sustainability through a very profound mix of science, music, business practice, life examples and common sense…and all spiced with fun, positive energy and laughter! We are already looking forwards to working with Jurgis again.”

- Dejan Petrovic, People & Culture Manager Baltics, JTI Baltic

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