Ann Boothello

Serial Entrepreneur
Keynote Speaker
Purpose & Flow Coach
Performing Artist & Poet
MTP: Driven to inspire people to lead purpose-driven lives and upgrade their concept of wealth & well-being.
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Ann is a dancer, poet, serial entrepreneur & well-being advocate who is deeply curious about how we can upgrade society’s concept of wealth & well-being. Now drawn to the power of blockchain tech, biohacking & flow, collective consciousness and enabling communities to thrive in fairness & purpose.

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Ann Boothello believes in the power of embracing our multifaceted nature fully. This is aligned with the flow we feel when we are living in purpose. She is one who is a big picture thinker, finding joy in inspiring people to tap into their imagination to create a better world – challenging existing economic models, mainstream notions on self-sustainability & sustenance and keeping the community spirit alive. She is known for connecting the ‘dots’ – bringing people (artists, entrepreneurs, investors and coaches together) who are meant to meet and assist each other in their journeys, to bring the boldest ideas to life.

She is an inspirational speaker, certified start-up advisor, connector, podcast host, artist, and coach on discovering purpose and self-managing wellness. She works with individuals to help them better understand the science of their well-being & how they can self-regulate and guide them to craft a life they are meant to live. Besides this she works with entrepreneurs using the models of exponential organizations, & purpose launchpad to sculpt start-ups for the greater good.

She is deeply curious about the journey of the human quest for discovering purpose and sees it as a vital factor to the success of self-management, communities and ultimately the future of our civilization. More importantly she sees this as an important factor to live in peace and joy, more times than not. She guides people on the use of new-age business frameworks and ancient spiritual practices to help bring the boldest passion-fueled ideas to light. She has held senior leadership roles in the UAE real estate sector and the online marketplace arena.

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Lead with Love

The 21st Century Creator

The Collective Being

Becoming Unstuck
Poetry & Flow
Awaken to Play
Technology in our Time


“Optimistic is the word for Ann. What impressed me about Ann is that special something that makes you feel that the world is a beautiful place to live. It is very inspiring to see that there are people in the world like her who are trying to improve it with love and affection.”

- Juan Egas, Corporate VP, Banco Diners Club del Ecuador Quito, Ecuador

“It’s a pleasure to be in touch with people like Ann. She is really future oriented and with a strong vision. Compliments for Ann’s speech here in Dubai, it inspired me. Someone wiser than me once said “the world needs dreamers”. Today, I found one more reason to dream.”

- Carlo Di Tullio, Regional Export Manager, SAARC & Asia Pacific Dubai, UAE

“In my experience every once-in-a-while I meet someone that is clearly going to make a big impact on the world at a global level.
I believe Ann Boothello is one of those people.”

- Eric Knouse, Founder, Mindful Science Boulder, Colorado, USA

“It was so lovely to listen to Ann’s presentation today on the Exponential Organization call. 

She is such a deep and
passionate leader!”

- Julie Lyle, CEO Zytara Inc.

“Ann Boothello is simply amazing.
I highly recommend her work to anyone interested in delving into deep, universal truths and discovering their authentic expression.”

- Lee Holden, Author & Founder of Holden QiGong, California, USA

“Ann is Charismatic. In a way that she has an inclusive approach that allows for dialogue. Collective consciousness is for sure a dilemma for humanity. The power that could be released for global benefit is huge.”

- Hans Sjostrom, Director of Purchasing, Global Automative and Aerospace operations, SKF Group, Gothenburg, Sweden

“Ann is one of the most bright minds and positive souls I have ever met. Talking to her always brings new perspectives to the table that are needed in order to impact the world in a positive way.”

- Francisco Paolo, Founder of Purpose Alliance & Launchpad, Co-Author of ExO and MTP

“Ann is a well-known and long-time ExO community member having made her mark as a purpose-driven coach, & advisor. An exponential individual herself, Ann’s leadership with the ExI initiative has resulted in vibrant core team growth and the one Zoom call no one misses on Fridays. Her own ‘surrender experiment’ also led to her core team role with BostonExO. She is a passionate thought leader, serial entrepreneur, dynamic co-creator and a dear friend.”

- Eric Patel, CIO & Founder Boston ExO, Boston, USA

“Every time I am with Ann I can feel
the beauty of the energy she has. She’s always curious, always learning, always evolving.. She is an explorer with the ability to bring peace and balance in this accelerated world. She is extraordinary.”

- Paola Hurtado, Head of Strategic Project at Universal DX SL, Purpose Launchpad Master Mentor

“Ann ranks among the very best speakers I’ve ever encountered. Her speeches have influenced industry leaders in the region over many years. She’s an electrifying public speaker with a great stage persona. Her presentations are always requested by attendees. Her experience to create attractive and engaging stories illustrate major trends of high relevance to the audience.”

- Iman Issa, Conference Producer at Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE

“Like the warm sun, so easy to sit with and shining effortlessly and naturally from the inside out. Ann is radiant to me.”

- Corry MacDonald, Art Therapist & Artist, Dubai, UAE

“Ann is one of the sharpest and most capable people I’ve dealt with. She has the talent of nurturing and growing simple ideas into something big through her passion, determination, and strong will. Her all-round leadership skills and emotional intelligence, make her a great asset to any team.”

- Tarek Reda, Founder of BluePencil Digital Strategy, UAE

“Ann I’m a big fan! Her energy, aura, and warmth emanate even over Zoom waves! I am in no doubt she is even more awesome in person. Her positivity is infectious and facilitation skills of our global ExI initiative group for me, are at mastery level. She is able to elicit the best from each person, giving individual personality types the space to contribute. Ann’s purpose perfectly mirrors her purpose. This indeed is a special gift. It is an absolute pleasure working with her!”

- Julie Hamilton, Founder, Entrepreneur, Transformation Coach

“The world can only become a better place when selfless professionals who make their time and resource beneficial for mankind.
Ann exemplifies this is who she is and what she represents. She is an amazing personality who is always seeking how individuals can be their best version of themselves. Working with her on the ExI initiative for over 9 months has been rewarding for me personally. Keep winning Ann!”

- Dolapo Tukuru, Strategy & EdTech

“Ann is a woman who is title-free by choice. She worked in corporate mainstream before making the decision to serve the art & new economy communities helping people create value, wealth and health. Ann is truly a living example of what it means to give of oneself when one’s cup is abundant and overflowing!”

- Michele Navarez, CEO Goleman Ei, Author of Beyond EI
Serial Entrepreneur
Keynote Speaker
Purpose & Flow Coach
Performing Artist & Poet
MTP: Driven to inspire people to lead purpose-driven lives and upgrade their concept of wealth & well-being.
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