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ExO Builder Team Principal
CoFounder & chief IMAGINATION officer at EM Wellness
Chief IMAGINATION officer at BOLDlabz
MTP: Empowering Leaders to Thrive for a Better World
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Whether educating cohorts of thousands of entrepreneurs in Hangzhou, DC, Santiago, or London, or an intimate group of 100 leaders for a big corporation, Pedro connects with global audiences in an extraordinary way. He was born as an entrepreneur in the early 90’s and started educating entrepreneurs globally in the 2000’s. Ever since he has been committed to helping individuals and organizations thrive. Pedro has coached and trained over 5,000+ leaders in America, Asia, and Europe.

Pedro is known for his ability to simplify complexity, identify inefficiencies, connect dots, and imagine ideas that drive meaningful outcomes. He is an internationally recognized thought leader, seasoned entrepreneur, battle-tested coach, and sought-after keynote speaker on business strategy, growth, technology, and innovation.

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As a business coach, Pedro works with impact-driven CEOs and their leadership teams to scale their organizations and make a dent in the world. He brings his own experience and expertise as an entrepreneur, and his record as a coach, to deliver solid results that build to their success.

Pedro is also faculty, consultant, and international lecturer with organizations like MIT, EGADE Business School, Universidad Católica de Chile, US NSF, US DoS, IDB, and WIPO, to name a few. He is an international speaker and has shared the stage with thought leaders like Steve Blank, Bob Dorf, Alexander Osterwalder, Jeff Hoffman, and Yves Pigneur, just to name a few.

As an accomplished author, Pedro has written books on business strategy, growth, technology, sustainability, and innovation. He serves on several boards of global organizations and corporations that are focused on entrepreneurship, technology, innovation, futurism, and gender. And as a prolific speaker, Pedro gives more than 50 talks a year to audiences of all sizes around the world. He has been profiled across a vast array of media outlets including Warner Media, Grupo Imagen, History Channel, Grupo Expansión, Forbes, and Entrepreneur, among others.

Since 2000 Pedro has become a growth partner to CEOs. He delivers a tailored made programme to scale their operations, based on his broad experience, deep operational expertise, and proven process used by thousands of organizations worldwide. These are the tools and best practices that have supported middle-market businesses to scale faster, stronger, easier, and with less drama.

With a mother from Mexico, a father from Spain, ancestors from France and the Middle East, and living and spending significant periods of time in Canada, Chile, Mexico, Panamá, Perú, Spain, UK, and USA, Pedro brings a holistic, diverse, and international perspective to everything he does. His work has brought him to America, Asia, and Europe.

A private investor in StartUps and ScaleUps, Pedro enjoys spending time with his family, preparing coffee, reading, listening to music, building with Lego, watching movies, and biking.

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Exponential Organizations and Technologies

Accelerating change and VUCA have forged a new breed of businesses called Exponential Organizations. They achieve 3x Better Revenue Growth, 6.4x More Profitability, 10.9x Higher Asset Utilisation and 40x Higher Total Shareholder Returns. Pedro describes the ExO attributes and explains finishes with how to implement these ideas into established companies. He looks at Exponential Technologies and their application to products and organizations. This talk will enable the audience to design a tailored action plan for moving forward towards Exponential Growth.

Building Ventures that Matter

Creating startups or spinoffs has never been easier, but now more than ever we need to build things that matter, than have a real impact in people’s lives. Pedro explains why Purpose and Knowledge are the basis of world transformation. This talk covers how to successfully blend forces of the market, deep tech, severe pain, proper mindset, adequate infrastructure, and frameworks that enable anyone to thrive.

Building Ecosystems for a Better Future

Start-ups are the work of a team, Ecosystems are the work of a community. Pedro identifies the ingredients and the recipe for building innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems. This talk covers examples of design, development, and growth of macro and micro ecosystems in America, Asia and Europe focused on diverse technologies and industries.

Innovation: Tragedy of the Commons

Innovation is crucial for sustainability and prosperity. However, the rules that govern this space are less than ideal and uncoordinated action dictate the space. Pedro shares how to design and execute Public Policies that are inclusive to all stakeholders and that are focused on wellbeing and economic growth. This talk covers elements, infrastructure, mechanisms, frameworks, and concepts that have built entire industries.

Business Model Innovation

Average life-span of companies has shrunk from 61 to 18 years in this century. It’s been said that 75% of the companies quoted on the S&P 500 will disappear in the next 5 years. Pedro explains how to design evolving and adaptive business models that can survive in extreme conditions. This talk covers systems and frameworks of systematic innovation that organizations use to foresee and anticipate unpredictable market shifts.

Reversive Innovation

Throughout human history, we have created tools that have transformed the world. However, most of the innovation comes from economies with huge GDPs… until now. In recent decades, emerging markets are starting to create novel intellectual property. Their economies are growing and integrating. Pedro explains the opportunities the global market has to offer and how to analyse the landscape for sourcing better knowledge and IP that can build the next venture.

ROKI: Return On Knowledge Investment

The efficiency and efficacy of investments, both private and public, on research and knowledge is less than ideal. Most organisations fund what they believe might be the next holy grail but developing a factory that betters the world systematically has many more steps before and after the typical view of innovation managers. Pedro talks about how culture, mindset, infrastructure, strategy, and networks make possible to create a better future based on science.


Scalingness is a state where the leadership team have a perfect alignment of vision, goals, and execution, without the need for a poker face. This is something that all organizations can achieve. Getting there is tricky, but it can be done. Moving forward by updating and upgrading your team and infrastructure is your only option to thrive and take your game to the next level. Pedro shares insights on how companies can leverage strategy, processes, mindset, and technology to grow 2x cash flow, 3x profit, and 10x valuation.


“Pedro’s keynotes challenge you every step of the way. He knows how to inspire teams and enable them to imagine and become curious. What started as a session, grew to a long time relationship. He empowered us to redesign our strategy, develop an execution plan accordingly and we had a lot of fun in the process. Now, we are more suited for this everchanging market we face nowadays.”

- Carlos Zubirán, Commercial Operations Head at Sanofi Pasteur

“We heard Pedro at a summit and were blown away. Immediately we invited him to help us. Pedro is very amicable and has a great ear. His gift to find the source of our challenges and to help us navigate through our own distractions has been an exceptional asset to our growth. We appreciate his clinical assertiveness and believe with his clarity we will continue to thrive.”

- Gerardo Groenewold, Vice President of Personnel Management at Grupo Televisa

“Pedro and his tools have been at the core of our culture from the beginning. We met at a Congress after his MasterClass. He has been one of the critical keys to our leadership and growth. He helped us reinvent ourselves and plan for uncertainty, which comes in especially handy at these strange times.”

- Alfonso Araujo, CEO at Innovation HUB Tec-China.

“It is remarkable to hear Pedro at a stage and even better to engage in a conversation with him. His broad knowledge and experience always enhance the conversation. His relentlessly direct comments are refreshing and honest. He pushes his audience to exponential growth.”

- Jose Manuel Aranalde, International Area Manager at E. & J. Gallo Winery

“Pedro’s diverse experience and knowledge in so many industries and geographies around the globe are unparalleled. It is impossible to ask him for a keynote, a fireside chat or direct advice on a specific topic and not get a couple of examples at least. This is what has helped us learn, react, plan and execute at a pace we would have never thought possible.” 

- Juan Carlos Madrigal, Marketing and Client Engagement Head at Citi Private Bank Latin America

“Pedro is truly a visionary. He leverages his experience to consistently empower others, creating a new generation of entrepreneurs in his trail and encouraging others to become ecosystem enablers. His journey has only started. I am excited to see how much more impact he can create.”

- Sebastian Molina Gasman, Venture Capital Impact Investing at Seedstars

“Pedro wakes you up. He empowers and inspires you to change and improve things, to make the world a better place. That requires skill and determination among other things that Pedro has and shares generously with everyone. He builds you up. Work with him, you will achieve things you did not think possible.”

- Gabriela Romero, CEO at the Chilean Association of Technology Transfer

“Pedro is an experienced entrepreneur, innovative and passionate about venture building. He can easily discover the skills of people and empower them to bring out their best. Pedro is focused on value delivery; this is how he achieves his purpose of Empowering Leaders for a Better World.”

- Miguel Sainz, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at AMSU

“Pedro is a relentless entrepreneur that is on a mission to empower other entrepreneurs to thrive. This is why he is a fabulous speaker. He not only inspired me in my entrepreneurial journey but gave me the right tools to achieve success. He is a futurist that is able to turn the future into current opportunities.”

- José García, Co-Founder at Eprezto
ExO Builder Team Principal
CoFounder & chief IMAGINATION officer at EM Wellness
Chief IMAGINATION officer at BOLDlabz
MTP: Empowering Leaders to Thrive for a Better World
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