Natasha Tsakos

Pioneer of Combining Tech and Art
Creator and Producer
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Natasha Tsakos is an internationally renowned conceptual director, interactive designer, and performer whose work explores the symbiosis of technology and live entertainment. She has produced and created nine multimedia shows, including two for the Discovery Channel, opened the G20 summit, Tribeca Film Festival, performed at the Super Bowl with Cirque du Soleil. She has spoken at the TED conference, Google, the United Nations General Assembly, amongst others and is a Singularity University alumni.

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She has written twelve scripts and plays including one of the first full length interactive cartoon for Nickelodeon and a nonsense titled “COLOURS” which won the Benjamin Franklin Digital Award. Natasha is currently developing her most ambitious production to date: a live multi-sensory experience that directly impacts the world in real time. The show leverages unique mobile technology, real time data and state of the art projection techniques to create a production that responds to world events and where the audience can take action in real time. Natasha is passionate about the language of interactivity between the imaginary and the real, and creating extraordinary experiences on earth and beyond.

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The Secret Sauce of Innovation

If innovation is not the answer, but the process of innovation is, then what is that process? What secret sauce makes innovation happen?

The Age of Magic: imagining the future no one can predict

Natasha Tsakos aptly describes our modern sense of reality when she states, “It’s as though we’ve zoomed out of our time-space continuum and are experiencing life on cosmic proportions.” Natasha proceeds to take us on a journey of technological and human advancement that may, in fact, manifest in the coming years and decades, a period which she describes as ‘The Magic Age’, with one simple request, “Let’s imagine the future that no one can predict.”

Our Role in the Circular Economy

In this thought-provoking talk, Natasha Tsakos invites you to re-examine your day to day activities and start with a micro change. Because the one thing we know: is that our small changes in unison will determine the future we will all live in.

Multimedia Theatrical Adventure

“There is a revolution. It’s a human and technological revolution. It’s motion and emotion. It’s information. It’s visual. It’s musical. It’s sensorial. It’s conceptual. It’s universal. It’s beyond words and numbers. It’s happening. The natural progression of science and art finding each other to better touch and define the human experience.” Natasha Tsakos presents part of her one-person, multimedia show as she blends dream and reality with an inventive virtual world projected around her in 3D animation and electric sound.

Imagination, Creativity and Madness

In a time of technological convergence, vast virgin digital landscape and self-prophesied titles, what will we do and who will be become? In this dynamic (and yes: mad) talk, Natasha Tsakos invites you to have wild, unprotected, and uncensored ideas. Welcome to the 21st century!

Creatively Mobile

Approaching mobile technology in the Live Entertainment Space and on Broadway. Natasha Tsakos unravels a series of possibilities: from obvious, incongruous to ingenious ideas.

Tech Tools for Live Events

How will live events evolve in the near future? What are the new tools artists now have in their tool box? From the IOT, to Sensors, to Haptics, to Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Hearables, Wearables, Big Data, Drones, Technology is Changing the Face of Live Entertainment on Profound Levels.

Technology in the Performing Arts

What does the system upgrade of Theatre look like? How will the performer-audience interaction change, now that we are so used to participating in the lives of strangers? How will the immersive world of video games transform the theatrical experience? Will the crew be computerized, intelligent and mobile? Will the next generation of performers have digital enhancements? Will the audience control physical objects on stage from their seats? And at that point, who is performing, where is the show really happening? Is it still Theatre? What do we call it? We are reaching levels of high experiential comfort and our standards will keep rising. We want to feel, we want to experience, we want to connect, we want intelligence, and we want to play. Ladies and Gentlemen: A new theatre is on its way.

What Creativity Can Do to Improve Lives?

“Demand Solutions: Ideas for Improving Lives” brings together the most creative minds in the world to discuss and share innovative solutions to address development challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean. Watch the intervention of Natasha Tsakos, a conceptual director, interactive designer, and motion and visual Performance Artist from Geneva, Switzerland, who talks about what creativity can do to improve lives.


“Natasha Tsakos’ presence at Human Impacts Miami was not only enlightening, but necessary”

- Human Impacts Institute

“Natasha Tsakos doesn’t need to consult the backchannel to know her presentations are beyond fabulous.”

- The Imagination Age

“I imagine future business presenters will be combining Natasha’s ideas with real time data visualizations driven by big data and corporate analytics systems, using projections and mixed reality to communicate, collaborate, and convince.”

- Peter Rothman, h+ Magazine

“Natasha Tsakos described a “system upgrade of theater” filled with projection mapping, virtual costume changes, and fast-paced information tailor-made for today’s young generation.”

- TEDx Broadway Roundup Hayley Levitt, Theater Mania

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