Dea Frankó Csuba

ExO Ambassador, innovation coach, serial entrepreneur
Spark Institute at IBS, Founding Fellow, Co-founder
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Dea is a serial entrepreneur, innovation coach, public speaker about the future, disruptive strategies, and sustainable living in the digital age. As part of her mission to enable and drive meaningful innovation, she’s been working with the largest organizations around the world.

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She is a passionate researcher of the key drivers and methods to make organizations more adaptable in the midst of disruption and the ways to identify and address biases in the thinking of an individual or a community. Her main focus areas are:

  • disruptive strategies and exponential innovation
  • the future of work
  • habits and behavior transformation
  • how to be human in the digital era
  • adaptivity and resilience of organizations and humans

Companies she is regularly working with include some of the biggest players on the global market, like Audi, Allianz, Generali, Erste Bank, Budapest Bank, Bayer, Egis, Vodacom, Vodafone, Hungarian Telekom, T-Systems, GE, Siemens, HP.

She is a founding partner of Spark Institute, co-founder of KÜRT Akademia, Ambassador for OpenExO, head coach for OpenExO coach certification program, premium sprint coach of ExO Works, and member of Singularity University’s executive alumni network.

Besides supporting companies in transformation, she has been a dedicated yoga and meditation instructor for over a decade.

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Think like a futurist

Science and technology is democratizing access to ‘superpowers’ that allow potentially any individual around the globe to radically alter our future reality. We need to learn to use opportunity wisely and learn that it takes a bit of mental exercise. The first step for this is to embrace the “futurist” mindset and design the positive future scenarios we would be happy to live in. The second step is to build those future scenarios in a sustainable fashion, to create meaningful ecosystems that can drive value in the long run.

Drawing from her rich experience in purpose-driven innovation in entrepreneurship, Dea provides inspiration to this journey.

The nature of disruption and how to recognize important patterns of change

It’s so easy to miss important change patterns in our complex world. Change is happening too fast and on many levels, our cognitive biases often make us filter out important details that can cost us tons of money, our winning market position, or even our future existence as an organization. However, the good news is that pattern, once recognized, cannot be unseen anymore. There are some useful routines that we can exercise to open our perspectives and learn to discover important change signals.

Winning mental models for purpose-driven leaders

The best business strategy is to build for a positive impact. Thus the essential tool of the successful future entrepreneur is to consciously plan the ‘future legacy’ s/he wants to leave behind. Yet, we often take routes and decisions in business that seem like a good path today and end up being extremely harmful in the long run. There are amazing mental models and simple tricks that help entrepreneurs unveil the hidden impacts and deceptive potentials of ideas, solutions and business models that can inspire scalable success.

Sustainable performance and the future of wellbeing

Most of the time we speak about sustainability in the context of the environment or our business but we rarely talk about the sustainability of our own health and high performance, or that of our team’s. Peak performance is sexy, but does happen without conscious effort and will not last without mindful management of our own energies and talents.

Future of work and organizational adaptivity

Speaking about the future of work, the most common question that comes up is what we shall teach our kids to make sure they’ll be able to find a job when they grow up. As important as this question is, we also need to look into the future to see what kind of companies we need to build so that we have work we enjoy in the future. Will work as we know it exist in 10 years’ time? It’s an extremely colorful topic and one that keeps professionals from all over the world engaged.


“Dea should be prescribed by doctors.”

- GE, Genpact team

“I’ve engaged with Dea in at least four distinct avatars: 1) Head Sprint Coach, OpenExo, 2) Exponential Coach for a $ 1 Billion Indian Textile Major, 3) a captivating Speaker on diverse topics like “Disruptive Business Models” to “The Future of HR” and 4) my Go-To person for simplifying, empowering, enabling & energizing Digital Transformation journeys for large cross-border corporates.

Remarkably, Dea consistently brings out the best in people she partners with, be it teenagers to reduce climate anxiety of future generations or a Fortune 500 CEO struggling with Digital Adoption in her company. Dea is a trusted advisor across continents and communities.

Most importantly, Dea is a dependable, helpful human being with a kind soul, as pure as driven snow. I consider it a rare privilege for me to count Dea as a respected associate and a dear friend.”

- Jyotirmoy Bose Founder, White Spaces Consulting, India
ExO Ambassador, innovation coach, serial entrepreneur
Spark Institute at IBS, Founding Fellow, Co-founder
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