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Founder SummitID
Founder of Ethereal Matter
Founder of Bespoke Innovations
Visiting Faculty at Carnegie Mellon, Stanford University and Singularity University
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Scott Summit is the Founder of Ethereal Matter where they explore the overlap of virtual reality, haptics and robotics in an effort to address very real and urgent human needs, including the gamification for fitness and health. He has created award-winning products for thirty years. He’s been active in 3D printing and is passionate about it. While at Apple, Tonic and Summit ID, he designed products. He has consulted for Nike, Silicon Graphics, and Sony among others. As visiting faculty at Carnegie Mellon, Stanford and Singularity University, Summit has taught design, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Summit holds over 40 design and utility patents.

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In 2008, Summit founded Bespoke Innovations, the first business to couple 3D body scanning with 3D printing to address the complex challenges around the creation of custom prosthetic limbs, exo-skeletal casts, and scoliosis braces. Bespoke was acquired by 3D Systems, the leader in 3D printing, where Summit, as Director of Design ran the company’s creative research center in San Francisco. From there, he advised companies in strategic implementation of 3D printing to improve their products and processes. His innovations in 3D printing and related technologies include musical and medical instruments, sports, space travel, acoustics research, and architecture, and five such concepts remain in the Cooper Hewitt Museum’s permanent collection.

Scott has over forty publications around the topic of prosthetics, 3D Printing, fashion for amputees, impact on factories, future of medicine with 3D printing and much more.

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Industry 4.0 Introduction

Traditional limitations in the means of production have, in turn, limited our ability to consider the range of possibilities available to the designer and innovator. But with the recent advances in 3D printing and related technology fields, we now embark on a redesign of many of the familiar products and the processes that create them, ushering in a new age of possibility where entirely new solutions come to life daily. And the innovation process is now more democratized than ever before, inviting a vital and diverse range of problem solvers and their ideas to the traditionally exclusive table.

Topology Optimization

Products of today are being redesigned with the generative processes that were traditionally only available to biological systems. The result is a level of structural, thermal and material optimization never before achievable.

Medical Applications of 3D Printing

Medical procedures are being are being redesigned, integrating the new versatility of custom, patient-specific fabrication.  The resulting procedures see improved efficacy, lower cost, and greater precision. But there is no single process for ‘medical 3D printing’, and the wide range of innovative solutions is explored here.

3D Printing in Space

An advisor to Made In Space from inception, Summit speaks about opportunities in space travel and 3D printing in microgravity environments.  Off-world manufacturing – large, small, and architectural scale – has become a reality, offering opportunities stemming from its unique location.

Dangers from 3D Printing

The versatility of fabrication offered by 3D printing offers a new potential for danger. Summit details the new opportunities that criminals may soon enjoy.

3D Printing Trends and Opportunities

3D printing offers more than simply a new means of fabricating end-use parts.  Entire categories of production are being redesigned, offering tremendous – though often unobvious – benefits to those best positioned to enjoy them and willing to explore the opportunities


“Scott is the visionary and designer behind many of the most iconic 3D printed innovations. His successful body of work demonstrates the business opportunities that 3D printing enables and helps drive the adoption of this revolutionary technology.”

- Bram de Zwart, the Founder and CEO of 3D Hubs

“Scott’s work captivates the imagination with his visions that bring the future to the present. Scott has designed products as if science fiction, yet remain grounded in the here and the now, creating solutions that address human need and translate into real use. Scott innovates for a better tomorrow, and his talks are as innovative as the world he has created.”

- Jason Dunn, founder of Made In Space

“Scott Summit is one of the most authoritative voices on 3D printing and how it is changing modern manufacturing. Unlike many 3D printing experts, he is able to explain the process and its impact in ways that are accessible, and easy to understand. His many years of business experience also give him extraordinary insight and the ability fo communicate the real world benefits and concerns that arise as 3D printing becomes more widely used”

- Laura Sydell, Digital Culture Correspondent, NPR
Founder SummitID
Founder of Ethereal Matter
Founder of Bespoke Innovations
Visiting Faculty at Carnegie Mellon, Stanford University and Singularity University
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