Angela Faye

FuturVille, Founder
Co Host Canada's Podcast
Co-Founder The Network Hub
Independent Entrepreneur & Small Businnes Owner - Painted Turtle Guesthouse
Speaker, Writer
MTP: "Imagining and Building Places Worth Living For"
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Angela is a mobilizing speaker, impact coach, and promoter who LOVES to empower purpose-driven individual & geographically connected property owners to imagine & build “Places Worth Living For”. Angela leverages her own 10x Mindset, plus core competencies of business building, destination development, and public relations to help others breakthrough ‘building blocks’ and access maximum happiness, social impact, and profits through “place” in rapidly changing times.

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Angela leads by example – her & partner each made their first $1 million by building, then selling Award-Winning commercial buildings & businesses while having the BOLD vision of contributing to Vancouver Island as ‘Sustainability Capital of the World!’. Raised a ‘Vulcanite’ with three entrepreneurial parents – a farmer, travel agent, educator, Angela has lived coast-to-coast in Canada and is a duo Canadian-Australian citizen. Ang has diverse experience in economic & business development, facilities management, destination development, place-based events logistics, and community acceleration.

Today, Angela is ExO (Exponential Organizations) Foundations certified; a collaborator for Canada’s Podcast: #1 podcast for entrepreneurs; and Vancouver Island Ambassador for Island Innovation, the world’s most diverse social impact network dedicated to Island-based sustainability projects.  As Founder, FuturVille: the #1 Accelerator Program & Platform for Places Worth Living For, Angela’s Moonshot is to empower 1 million property owners with exponential inspiration, training, and tools to create unique live, work, play destinations. And, her Massively Transformative Objective is to facilitate the design, marketing, sales, and business development of 2,000 ‘villages of the future’ by 2028.

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Massively Transformative Purpose (MTP)

Your MTP is the #1 Low Cost, High Return Asset that 95% Of Entrepreneurs & Property Owners FORGET To Capitalize On.  In this dynamic talk, Angela Aims to Showcase How Embracing an MTP Empowers Property Owners & Developers to Become a Highly Sought After Destination with Impact Investors.

The Rise of the Ownership Economy in Real Estate

The overall concept of an ownership economy isn’t new. But the emergence of blockchain and the “internet of value” brings about a step-change in enabling ownership economies involving all kinds of stakeholders. With public dissatisfaction with the centralization of wealth into the hands of the few, the time is ripe for property owners and developers to seize a competitive edge and consider a culture shift, and the tools and technologies – blockchain, NFT’s, cryptocurrencies – that can be adopted to empower the rise of the ownership economy in real estate.

Future of Tourism

Decades of unfettered growth in travel have put the world’s treasured places at risk – environmentally, culturally, socially, and financially. For the tourism industry, it won’t be business-as-usual, and we need to redefine, refocus and change the game plan to move forward from the ‘pandemic’ – while facing the greatest challenge the world tourism industry has faced to date, it is a also a time to adapt and innovate.  In the tourism business?  Learn what the experts say are the top 8 ways travel will change after the pandemic. In the creator business?  Imagine new methods and business models for providing global adventure, culture, live/work/play opportunities remotely and closer to home.

Evidence Based Entrepreneurship & Lean Innovation

EBELI (Evidence Based Entrepreneurship & Lean Innovation) is a system that has been created, curated, and matured for the last 20 years to move ideas and academic research to the market providing solutions to real and relevant problems. Learn the inside scoop of EBELI that has been used by 100,000+ to design and develop high impact new ventures for profits, non-profits, and public organizations.


“Angela is an indispensable member of the OpenExO Community, an idea powerhouse working tirelessly to uplift the wider community. She supports, guides and inspires on this journey to transforming societies and businesses. We need more members like her as we strive to bring the ExO Vision to mainstream adoption.”

- Angel Milev, Founder Future Tech Insider

“Angela is an amazing Aggregator and Action-Taker. I appreciate that she provides her input, feedback and guidance while never trying to squash my vision. I appreciate that Angela is an Entrepreneur as well as a Brand-Builder and extremely qualified consultant. I appreciate that she lives what she teaches, specifically:  1. Mastering your ask – Angela has been a go to person for me personally for clarity when I am seeking access to Capital or resources, so much so that I have engaged Angela in powHERhouse branded PowHERtalks workshops to help my clients ‘Master their Ask.’  2. Presenting Partner – As CMO of The Network Hub, Angela is a powHERhouse of Vancouver Island connections. I engaged Angela to be the Event Host and MC at the inaugural PowHERtalks event in Nanaimo. She rocked it!   3. Angela’ s Value – When I think of Angela the words Aggregator, Action, Audience, Accessibility…come to mind. She has a magic ability to listen, synthesis information and turn it into impactful actions that will lead to actionable business solutions.  I greatly look forward to working further together in the future.”

- Charlene Sanjenko, Founder PowHerHouse Impact Media Group

“As an MC — Angela pulled together the conference. She created a single thread that wound through the entire day — always summarizing the speaker’s most poignant remark — while setting us up for the next speaker. She is a delightful, energetic, story teller.”

- - Andrea Rosato-Taylor, Publisher Ladysmith Chronicle

“Angela is a collaborator, business leader and champion of new innovative ideas. Her strength lies in her expertise of the tourism industry and her unparalleled energy, passion and enthusiasm that she puts into every project, from big business to small grass root initiatives.   I have known Angela for 2 years and she truly understands the meaning and application of economic development. We have collaborated on conference attraction opportunities, downtown revitalization initiatives, and the Nanaimo Vision Rally. I enjoy working with Angela because she sees opportunity at every turn, has a strong work ethic, and has the ability to embrace vision and implement practical solutions. Angela has a strong network of business & community contacts here in Nanaimo, and understands the ‘pulse’ of our City economically, politically and socially. I look forward to the next opportunity to work together.”

- Denise Tacon,  Director Marriott Resorts (previously General Manager Vancouver Island Conference Centre)

“Angela is a goal driven individual who will work collaboratively with a wide and varied stakeholder audience. She is extremely enthusiastic, high energy, and is absolutely a delight to work alongside. I would recommend Angela highly in whatever endeavor she may be working on and would be an asset to any organization or business venture.”

- Bill McKay, Former Mayor City of Nanaimo

“Angela is a visionary who has played a key role in the revitalization of Downtown Nanaimo. Her boundless energy and task oriented approach to promotion of the area are matched only by her ever present smile and twinkle in her eye. Any community would count themselves fortunate to have someone like Angela involved in the marketing plan.”

- Lee Taal,  TEDx & Keynote Speaker, Founder & CEO ChatterHigh Communications Inc. 2017 Canadian EdTech Business Leader of the Year

“Angela is an action taker with heart and purpose. Working with her during the ExO Economy Doubling Challenge, she went out of her way to help others over her own success and then inspired a new unit called ExO Angels! Looking forward to co-creating with her much more in the coming months.”

- Niki Faldemolaei, Founder EHSI Health, Marketing Director ExO Economy, SingularityU Leadership & Abundance 360 Community

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