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Frank Fitzpatrick is an award-winning creative executive, best-selling author, social entrepreneur and wellness expert on the faculty of Singularity University’s Exponential Medicine. His passion is to co-create innovative solutions at the intersection of wellness, human performance, entertainment, and technology.

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He has had a prolific creative career as a multi­-platinum producer, Grammy-­nominated songwriter and award-­winning filmmaker, creating hundreds of successful programs and contributing to over $1B in revenues.

Fitzpatrick is a contributing writer for Forbes and Huffington Post and works as a mentor and performance coach to thought leaders and purpose-driven entrepreneurs from around the globe. Founder and Director of, he was honored as a Ciudad de las Ideas Gifted Citizen for creating the WHY Music Campaign – a multi-platform social venture designed to unleash human potential through the power of music.

Fitzpatrick is a former delegate to the United Nations, the Arts and Humanities Resource Council (UK), and Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship. He has presented for numerous international forums including at Facebook, MindValley, TEDx, Esalen, Singularity University, Shanghai Academy, SXSW, the Perimeter Institute, BCG-Digital Ventures, and the Exponential Medicine Conference.

In addition to Hollywood successes such as Friday, The High School Musical, The Larry Sanders Show, the Scary Movie franchise, and his 2020 Netflix release Love Jacked, Detroit-­born Fitzpatrick has worked on several international productions including Amazing – a film partnership between the NBA and Shanghai Studios with an audience of over 100 million people across China, and A Prayer For Freedom – the signature video for the End Slavery campaign with Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama.

His work with creative visionaries like Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Francis Ford Coppola and Peter Diamandis, as well as other global thought leaders, has strengthened his commitment to leverage the power of creativity to transform the future of humanity.

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Amplified: Unleashing Human Potential through Music
Hearables Revolution: The Future of Wellness
Exponential Leadership: Optimizing Energy, Creativity & Performance
Beyond Entertainment: Leveraging the Technologies of Emotion
Entrepreneur’s Survival Kit: Creating Balance & Resilience


“Frank is one of the great thought leaders and an extremely rare professional who can play at a top-level at the intersection of tech, science, music, healthcare, and business. Over three decades of his deep-rooted work on empathy, health, and technologies at the highest level of professionalism speaks for itself.”

- Jun Soto XPRIZE Visioneer; CEO & Solutions Curator, X-Cubed Consulting

“As the Music & Health Expert for our WakeUp campaign with Starbucks, Frank was an invaluable and inspiring resource. In addition to sharing his wealth of knowledge and connections pertaining to the science and health benefits of music, he provided us with a scientifically-backed creative playbook for our team, time tested strategic insights for our campaign and expert creative collaboration on the music and content. I highly recommend Frank. It was an honor and joy to have him on our team.”

- Kelly McCluskey Executive Producer, Grayson Matthews

“Frank’s live presentation at METal was nothing short of awesome. By combining highly dynamic & heartfelt communication skills, with great stories and multi-media, Frank took a theater full of business leaders and entrepreneurs through their entire range of emotions – from tears to cheers, closing out with a standing ovation. If you want deeper insights into the power of Creativity, Music and Storytelling, and to see these Technologies of Emotion in action, I highly recommend Frank as a as presenter or workshop leader at your next event. He’s a “Business Rockstar” with a heart of gold.”

- Ken Rutkowski Founder/CEO, METal (Media, Entertainment, and Technology Alpha Leaders) Host, Business Rockstars Radio

“Frank Fitzpatrick has continued to demonstrate tremendous ingenuity and creative vision in all of our dealings together. His understanding of and commitment to the arts as an essential component of education and human relations, along with his real-life experience of creating successful programs, has been an inspiration and valuable contribution to me and my work with GMAC, the Debbie Allen Dance Academy and The Presidential Scholars Foundation.”

- James Farmer President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities Trustee, Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz

“Frank’s creative contributions to my productions over the past decade have proven to be an integral part of their success. He is a lateral thinker, and an innovator who is always looking at new ways to expand the medium. He has travelled the world, and immersed himself in so many cultures and traditions, that I believe we’ve only scratched the surface of what Frank has to offer to the cultural conversation.”

- Michael Rymer Director, Battlestar Galactica, Queen of the Damned

“Frank Fitzpatrick has the rare ability to combine far-reaching creative visions with a keen marketing and business acumen, and a deep understanding of the human condition. Frank’s role as Creative Director, Advisory Member and Master of Ceremonies for the launch of our City of Hope LA Yoga for Hope program emerged from his enormous generosity and his natural leadership qualities. He perfectly articulated our cause and in doing so, helped us identify and bring together many of the most skilled and respected yoga and meditation leaders in Southern California.”

- Lisa Considine Associate Vice President, City of Hope Former Director of Development, USCF Comprehensive Cancer Center

“As the Creative Director for my Wealthy Visionary Conference, Frank produced a highly sophisticated and inspired tapestry of musical experiences, live performances and sonic environments – raising the bar for the entire event. His mastery of the Technologies of Emotion enabled the 400 participants to process much deeper, and helped provide a safe and intimate container in which I could take them through a truly transformation journey.”

- Marcia Weider CEO/Founder, Dream University

“Frank is one of the most open, conscientious and inquiring people I know. His caring and interest in others has led him to an exploration of people and cultures in many parts of the world. In my experience, there are gifted people who can devote themselves to their own work, but few who can also contribute just as brilliantly when part of a team. What brings Frank Fitzpatrick and I together is our commitment to healing at a cultural level. He helps create experiences that fill people with joy and hope for renewal.”

- Jeanne Segal Author, The Language of Emotional Intelligence Host, The Feeling Great Show

“Frank does much more than compose and produce music; he creates miracles.  He has the ability to transform a story and production into a universally transformative experience.  Frank’s talent, relationships and international experience allow him to draw top musical and creative talent from around the globe and gracefully move between cultures and genres in a most original and provocative way.”

- Rob Adetuyi, Writer/Director Writer/Director (Beat the World, Stomp the Yard, Turn It Up)

“Frank helped me to appreciate the importance of music as a therapeutic instrument, and was absolutely innovative in seeing the potential for music’s impact on people’s health and social welfare, which served me well as Chair of the Recording Academy (the GRAMMY organization) and as a program director and educator at the Henry Mancini Institute and Berklee College of Music. He brings wisdom, years of professional experience, and a proven social conscience.”

- Daniel Carlin Chair, Berklee College of Music, Film Scoring Dept. Chair, National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences

“I have been working with Frank Fitzpatrick for over 10 years, both on creative collaborations for my films and on innovative strategies for audience engagement. His uncanny ability and relentless drive to create successful entertainment campaigns that also support social causes is both rare and inspiring. Frank’s immense talent combined with his commitment to excellence and professional integrity raises the bar for the entire team.”

- Sherwood Hu President, Shanghai Film Academy

“Frank sparked emotions and magic with his presentation, lifting everyone in the audience to feel the transformative power of music and to be convinced that now, more than ever, music is an essential component of our lives and our future. Any organization looking to create a movement should include Frank’s vision of the power of music into their equation.”

- Nathalie Trutmann Innovation Director, FIAP

“Frank’s creative and inspiring energy truly brought light to the TEDxSDSU event. Speaking on behalf of many of the audience members, Frank really spoke to each and every person, and gave them a reason to listen. His presentation was passionate and full of life. Listening to Frank’s talk was like music to our ears.”

- Kodi Bobier Organizer, TEDxSDSU

“Frank has profound gift for listening and hearing. The alertness with which he embarks upon endeavors, be they conversations, interviews, or creations, opens an expansive space for collaboration that often elicits wonderful and sometimes surprising responses. It is a deep pleasure to work with Frank.”

- Sujata Bhatt Designer and Founder, Incubator School Founder, InnovatED.LA
MTP: To empower purpose-driven thought leaders with the knowledge and resources to actualize their highest potential and find calm in the midst of chaos.
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