Kent Langley

Certified ExO Trainer
Co-Founder of OpenExO
MTP: Empower People with Technology
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Kent Langley’s personal massive transformative purpose is to Apply Technology for Humanity. He is an entrepreneur, sought after speaker globally, teacher, mentor, and advisor. Kent has an intense focus on all things technical, data and exponential. Kent runs his own company providing Data Activation as a Service, is faculty at Singularity University, and is the Chief Science and Technology officer of the Fastrack Institute. Kent also teaches the live online ExO Master Course with Salim Ismail.

From complex large scale web applications to live stream based analytics solutions, Kent has been building such systems from the ground up at scale for over 15 years. He’s a recognized thought leader in cloud computing, distributed systems, technology operations, and data science enablement for organizations.

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Kent’s keynote talks have been requested globally by some of the most successful public, private, and academic institutions in the world. He has addressed crowds from 10 to 10,000 people including live simulcasting of events. The talks have been delivered to a diverse audience from boards, F50 Global organizations, and students. Audiences and clients have included The ExOFoundation, Petrobras, Asimetrix, The Fastrack Institute, Ahold-Delhaize, YPO, Coca-Cola, Sodexo, AGUIABRANCA, Leonisa, Autodesk, Dell, Premex, APEX Leaders, Zignal Labs, Revinate, CA Lottery, nScaled.

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Exponential Data

The history and power of data with concrete advice and next steps on how to proceed.

Data Activation

Leverage the Transformative Power of Data for Creating Innovative New Products and Services

Artificial Intelligence

AI is changing everything. If the software is eating the world it’s standing on a foundation of data. Only Humans successfully leveraging AI has the capability to thrive in a world like that.

Cloud Computing

For those companies that have been slow to jump on the cloud bandwagon, this is your final wake up call and when you leave this interactive, live coding, the session you’ll know exactly what you have to do.

ExO Awake Session

This session is special. It’s designed very specifically as a wake-up call for organizations that wish to become Exponential Organizations and leverage, instead of being crushed by, new exponential technologies.

The Fastrack for Civic Transformation and Innovation

As the architect of the Fastrack digital transformation process for cities and having run half a dozen such projects in multiple cities, Kent can help any team understand the Fastrack Framework and how to apply to their cities needs.

Blockchain and Crypto Currency
  • Blockchain
  • Tokenization
  • Crypto Currencies


“I would first of all like to thank you for this awesome course. It’s definitely one of the most insightful, mind-blowing and at the same time practically oriented courses I’ve ever attended. You guys have nailed it.”

- ExO Masters in Business Design Course

“I was writing to let you know that since the offsite we had with you in San Francisco last October for the CEOs of the Coca Cola Brazil system I have been blown away thinking and working towards transforming our company and disrupting the industry.”

- Ian Craig, CEO Coca-Cola Femsa Brazil

“Thanks so much for receiving us last week. It was for sure one of the best talks we had during the entire week.”

- Diego Magnus, Chief of Exponential Growth

“Kent, thanks a lot for speaking with us yesterday evening and for all the very good information you shared with us.  I have always been very interested in machine learning and artificial intelligence and what the possibilities are in upstream oil and gas.  You are the first authentic expert I’ve had the chance to speak with on these subjects and it was very worthwhile for me. Thank you for being available and sharing with us.”

- Michael Lorenz, BHP Completions Engineer for Wells & Seismic Delivery - Petrolium

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